How to Embrace the Coming Technology Revolution

Is your company ready for the Fourth Industrial Revolution? Are you?

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The “Tech Company” Powder Keg

Every company wants to call itself a tech company. DoorDash delivers food, but it calls itself a tech company. Uber delivers passengers, but it calls itself a tech company. Why do companies do this? Because software scales easier than physical infrastructure. A company that makes and moves software can grow faster than a company that relies on making and moving stuff. Electrons move faster than croissants. This will remain true even if you get exceptionally good at delivering croissants.

The “Fourth Industrial Revolution”

The first industrial revolution used water and steam power. The second used electricity. The third used electronics and information technology. The fourth is a fusion of the physical and digital worlds. Maybe the fifth will be something with time travel because climate scientists are saying we could really use that.

How to Embrace the 4IR

The 4IR builds on what the digital revolution gave us. It starts with widespread technology, and creates more decentralized nodes that communicate with each other and with central monitoring and control.

New Tech Is Something to Learn, Not a Terrifying Alien Monster

New technology is an opportunity, not a threat. Okay, sometimes it’s both — especially in the hands of unfamiliar users. But you can make it an opportunity.

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