2021 and Beyond: The Future of Cybersecurity is Promising!

1. Distributed Operations

2. AI Powered Analysis

3. Next Generation Expertise

4. Automated Processes

Best Practices for Adopting the Four Characteristics:

  • If you’re generating data in the cloud, leave it in the cloud! Don’t pay to move it into your data center.
  • Use tools that have federated data search capabilities, so that you can search more than one data source at once.
  • Use tools that are grounded in open standards and can interact with each other, so you don’t have to move data between formats.
  • Buy tools that allow you to use your own in-house AI or machine learning. Acquisitions for other people’s AI or ML often end up with tools that don’t fit your exact needs.
  • Try piloting just-in-time expertise with just one function, one process. Don’t try to implement it everywhere at once.

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Deika Elmi

Deika Elmi

I am a Security Risk Management Professional, one of my interests is also to help increase the number of women and BIPOC working in Cybersecurity